Westchester-Putnam Pathways Pledge

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It's time to take action. At the Workforce Board's Annual Meeting on June 24, 2021, County Executives George Latimer and MaryEllen Odell launched the Pathways Pledge Challenge, asking local Employers, Secondary and Higher Education Providers, and Non-Profits to take the "Pledge" and commit to take one action step—no matter how small or large—towards building a more inclusive workforce and expanding career path knowledge and opportunities.

Our goal is to make Westchester and Putnam counties economically strong, vibrant and equitable for both employers and employees.

The Pathways Pledge

We, as stakeholders in the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board Network, pledge to each other to take action, to make a difference, to do our part to move the needle, and be held accountable for our contribution no matter how large or small. This is our vision.

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