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Oftentimes, job seekers see the hiring process as a one-way street where the employer has all the power and is calling all the shots, but in today’s marketplace this is far from the truth. With very low unemployment, the hiring process is much more of a two-way street where both the employer and the job seeker have power and influence. By shifting your thinking about the hiring process, you will present yourself in a more positive way that will help you minimize the stress of a job search.

To achieve this shift in mindset, view the job search experience as a learning opportunity and a chance to meet new colleagues. Consider the time you spend as a way to gain insights into different industries, improve skills, and build relationships with potential employers or colleagues. By creating this attitude shift, you will gain valuable experience and knowledge, and feel a sense of accomplishment, regardless of whether or not you are offered the job. 

A job search is challenging and it can be easy to feel like you are spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time. By making this mindset shift you’ll feel more productive and in control of the process.