illustration of a certificate

Earning a professional certification can help you advance in your career by adding credentials to your qualifications. To earn a certification, you typically must pass a test or demonstrate a skill. Training to pass a certification test is often available at community or technical colleges, or from the organization that offers the certification exam. You can use what we call “Stackable Credentials” to make yourself more valuable to employers or to clients if you are in your own business.

There are several benefits to earning a certification:

  1. It’s portable. Having a certification is widely accepted as proof that the individual has skills and knowledge. When you earn one, you take it with you to other jobs—and it can translate across occupations, industries, and geographical locations.
  2. It may be required for the job. Employers in some fields require that candidates have certifications before they even apply for a job, or that they are willing to obtain them immediately upon being hired.
  3. It gives you an edge. A certification can be seen as a marketing tool that gives you an extra edge over other job seekers who may meet the qualifications for a job but haven’t gone above and beyond the essentials.

To get started, you can look up certifications that fit your career goals using a Certification Finder. Start your search based on the name of an occupation, industry, or a specific skill or technology. You can also learn more about subsidized trainings by speaking to a career center workforce team member. Contact your local career center.